Alcohol License


The Alcohol License Services Unit provides governmental services for business alcohol licensing. Administration provides services for businesses that have alcoholic beverage sales within our community. Our division administers these procedures to the highest standards for our community. The primary purpose and function of the Alcohol License Administration is to enforce, maintain and administer the provisions of the City of Riverdale Alcohol Ordinance, Statewide Alcohol Regulations, and Alcohol Code. This is accomplished through the following activities: analysis and drafting of requested amendments with the assistance of the department Director to the Alcohol Ordinance, providing interpretations of the Alcohol Ordinance, State Alcohol Regulations and Codes, processing Alcohol License, processing Alcohol License Applications, and providing the Police Department with application information for criminal background checks. We are charged with evaluating and processing all Alcohol License applications From New Business Locations to Renewals on an annual basis.


Alcohol Liquor License Forms

Alcohol Liquor License Application. Click here for more information.