2023 Elections

Cast Your Vote

Cast Your Vote!

No matter who you are or where you live in the city limits of Riverdale, the upcoming General Election will in some way affect you and the things that you believe in:

Your safety.
Your taxes.
Your local economy.
Your child’s education.
Your local amenities.
Your future.

In November, we hope that all city residents will head to their precincts and cast a vote. However, there are times when we simply cannot go to the polls to vote in person, whether it is due to illness, work or traveling. For those times, there is an option that makes voting easier than ever! Cities throughout the state of Georgia have made it easier to register as an absentee voter in order to encourage voting.

The key to making every vote count is to make every vote easy, no matter what the circumstances. Absentee voting is an easy and flexible way to vote and allows you to participate in the election when it is most convenient for you. Georgia municipalities give you the option to vote as early as twenty-one (21) days prior.

Applications are approximately one page and take less than five minutes to complete.

Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities we have as U.S. citizens. It is also our best chance to say how we want to be governed. If we want to make sure our elected leaders understand our concerns, we must exercise our civic responsibility and go to the polls.

Elected officials will be discussing and voting on issues of key importance in every aspect of city government including economic development, transportation and community initiatives. It is extremely important to encourage active voter participation; it is indeed a vital part of the legislative process. The 2023 Election will determine how the government will make decisions on relevant issues such as these that affect you and your community.

Your vote is extremely important. That's why we at the City of Riverdale are proud to offer Absentee and Early Voting. We believe that voting is essential to the democratic process and we encourage all of our citizens to vote.