Board of Zoning Appeals


The City of Riverdale Board of Zoning Appeals holds monthly meetings providing they have cases to consider. The Board meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held at the City Hall Complex, Council Chambers, 7200 Church Street, Riverdale, Georgia 30274.

Powers and Duties

The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have the following powers and duties:

1. Administrative review: To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the building inspector or director of community development and general services department in the enforcement of this ordinance.

2. Major variances: To authorize upon appeal in specific cases such major variances as defined in this ordinance from the terms of the ordinance as will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of the ordinance will, in an individual case, result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, so that the spirit of the ordinance shall be observed, public safety and welfare secured, and substantial justice done. The existence of a nonconforming use of neighboring lands, buildings or structures in the same or other districts shall not constitute a reason for a variance. A variance may be granted in an individual case of necessary hardship upon a finding by the Board of Appeals that all of the following conditions exist:
(a) There are extraordinary and exceptional conditions pertaining to the particular piece of property in question because of its size, shape or topography that are not applicable to other lands or structures in the same districts.
(b) A literal interpretation of the provisions of this ordinance would deprive the applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties of the district in which the property is located.
(c) Granting the variance requested will not confer upon the property of the applicant any special privileges that are denied to other properties of the district in which the applicant's property is located.
(d) The requested variance will be in harmony with the purpose and intent of this ordinance and will not be injurious to the neighborhood or to the general welfare.
(e) The special circumstances are not the result of the actions of the applicant.
(f) The variance requested is the minimum variance that will make possible the legal use of the land, building or structure.
(g) The variance is not a request to permit a use of land, buildings or structures which is not permitted by right in the district involved.

3. Limitations on authorization of variances: As defined in this article, a variance may only be authorized for the following terms of this ordinance:
(a) Height of structure.
(b) Area of structure.
(c) Size of structure.
(d) Amount of front, rear and side yard setbacks.
(e) Size of open spaces (but not buffers).

Membership, Terms and Appointments

The board shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the city council for overlapping terms of five (5) years. Each appointment shall be for five (5) years. Any vacancy in the membership shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the initial appointment. Members shall be removable for cause by the appointing authority and after public hearing. None of the members shall hold any other public office or position in the city. Nominations are made by staff members and/or the governing body.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals, (click here), to complete an application. Please note there are residency requirements. Appointments are only made when vacancies occur. Completed applications should be mailed to:
City of Riverdale
971 Wilson Road
Riverdale, Georgia 30274

Changes in the scheduling of Called Meetings will be posted at least 24 hours in advance.

The public is encouraged to attend and participate in public meetings.