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Committed to quality growth, development, and transformation of the City of Riverdale, the Community Development Department provides services to Riverdale residents in the areas of planning, zoning, permitting, and inspections.  

The Community Development Department consists of Planning and Zoning Administration Building and Permitting Services, GIS (mapping), and Economic Development.

The department fosters smart and innovative growth in the community; consistently engaging in various methods of public participation; providing excellent customer service; striving to increase stewardship through sound technical expertise.

The City of Riverdale is committed to promoting the health, welfare, safety, and quality of life of all citizens through the fair and consistent application of building and land use regulations.

Riverdale Comprehensive Plan 2018 (Update)

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Livable Centers Initiative Project 2023: "Developing City Center"

The Atlanta Regional Commission Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a grant program that incentivizes local jurisdictions to re-envision their communities as vibrant, walkable places that offer increased mobility options, encourage healthy lifestyles, and provide improved access to jobs and services. It was created as a way to reduce vehicle miles traveled and improve air quality.

The City of Riverdale 2023 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) will study two key areas; The Greater Riverdale Core which spans King Road to Rountree Road along Highway 85, and Church Street and Powers Street. The process will include fact finding, visioning, draft concepts and the final plan. The final plan will be presented to the Riverdale City Council for consideration. 

The City of Riverdale is concurrently updating the Comprehensive Plan as mandated by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding principle for future development for the entire city over time. The comprehensive plan states the vision for the future and establishes goals, guidelines and policies needed to achieve sustainable growth over a twenty-to-thirty-year period. The comprehensive plan typically addresses community goals, needs and opportunities, community work program, economic development, land use, transportation, housing and water supply/economic quality. The last update was completed in 2018.

The LCI and Comprehensive Plan update differs as the LCI focuses on a narrow and specific area within the City as the Comprehensive Plan focuses on a city-wide vision and goals. For more information on both plans, see links below.

2023 Livable Centers Initiative:

2023 Comprehensive Plan Update:



Conceptual Ideas

What can the city look like with redevelopment?

 Reintroducing  Riverdale Main St.  


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