Winter Weather Information

Georgia DOT Winter Weather Information

Dear Friends:

It’s that time of year…very soon, weather forecasts for Georgia will call for snow and ice, making road conditions and travel challenging. While many travelers and commuters may be able to delay their travel or stay off the roads, several hundred dedicated employees of your Georgia DOT do just the opposite… they work in the roadways in 12-hour shifts of pre-emptive ice treatments, snow plowing, and spreading salt and gravel to achieve safer, improved road conditions.

Please remember that Georgia DOT is not responsible for maintaining or operating local roads. Our crews focus on treating and clearing our interstates and multi-lane state routes and related bridges and overpasses. Once this is achieved, work crews then focus on two-lane state routes. Please contact your local public works office for information on clearing snow and ice from city and county roads.

For hourly updates and information on road and traffic conditions during snow/ice events in metro Atlanta, we encourage you to:

When you visit GDOT Winter Weather, you will also be able to view our Winter Weather Webinar, which discusses how Georgia DOT has prepared its work crews and resources and coordinated with local governments for snow/ice removal on interstates and state routes.

Please feel free to share this information with co-workers, neighbors, friends and family in the metro Atlanta area.

As your Georgia DOT puts manpower, materials and equipment in gear, we appreciate you remembering that fighting Mother Nature can sometimes be a challenge. When icy conditions persist, it is extremely challenging to return our roadways to safe drivable conditions until the temperature rises. During these times, we encourage you to stay off the roads if you can, but if you must travel, drive slowly and safely and avoid our trucks and roadway workers.

We take pride in our public service and thank you for your cooperation and patience. Have a safe and happy holiday season!