Non Emergencies


Perhaps the incident is not life threatening, such as your neighbor is having a party with loud music at 3:00am or an abandoned vehicle has been parked across the street from your house for one month.

When non life-threatening incidents occur, call the City of Riverdale’s non-emergency number at (770) 909-5423.

Have the following detailed information ready to pass on to the 911 operator as it pertains to an accident (where, what, who, how):

  • Exact location of incident
  • If there are injuries
  • Number of vehicles

Description of vehicles

License tag number, state, make (Ford, Honda, etc.), model (Taurus, Civic, etc.), color, year, body style (2 door, 4 door) and identifying features (decals, faded paint, dents, etc.)

Remember, whether the incident is life threatening or non-life threatening it is important to be as detailed as possible.

A 911 operator is the life-line for the Citizen as well as for the Police Officer who is in route to handle the situation.