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Riverdale has the unique advantage of being centrally located to major arteries and Downtown Atlanta. Our first-class quality of life is exemplified by our excellent hospital system, schools, inviting neighborhoods, and our charm. We also boast a healthy business community with everything from retail to the industry while fostering a robust entrepreneurial spirit. The City of Riverdale and the Mayor's Office welcome and invite you to immerse yourself in the Riverdale experience.

In addition to a high quality of life, and cultural experiences, the City of Riverdale seeks to foster a welcoming environment for all types of businesses, including agricultural, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

The mission of the City's Office of Economic Development is to enhance the economic viability of the city using economic development practices and collaboration with other economic-driven organizations. The Office of Economic Development is your resource for information and assistance to help you grow your business in Riverdale.

For information on City business incentives Economic Development Brochure.

To view basic demographic information: Riverdale-at-a-Glance.

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The section of SR 85 between Garden Walk Blvd. and SR 139 is the most heavily traveled stretch of the road, receiving 46,5000 vehicles per day.

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Required Design Standards for existing commercial properties.

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 Created in 2016, the Riverdale Business Alliance (RBA) serves as an opportunity to connect with business owners established in Riverdale. This forum is for Business Owners to exchange ideas, network, and provide support to each other. The goal is open communication, ordinance, process transparency, and small business development.

•   All meetings are open to the public, and business owners are invited to attend.

•          Free Membership

•          Free Events

•          Meet once a month (TBD)

If you have a vacant property in the city, let us know. 

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