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The Planning and Zoning Administration division works with residents, businesses, and community leaders to shape the urban development of the city. The Planning and Zoning Administration unit is responsible for implementing and updating Riverdale’s Comprehensive Plan.


Before setting up your business in the city, we encourage applicants to review the Use Table and Zoning Map to check the property zoning and make sure their proposed use is permitted. 


In some instances, the use may be listed as permitted if all the required development standards are met. Some uses require Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) approval.

To check property zoning district, use the interactive map below:

Interactive Zoning Map

To see the list of permitted uses per zoning district, use the 

link below:

 Use Table

To view the Commercial Design Standards, use the link below:

 Sec 5.1 of the 2022 Zoning Ordinance

For full details regarding land use, use the link below:

Official 2022 Zoning Ordinance


The city has completed the 2023 comprehensive planning process.

To view the New 2023-2033 Comprehensive Plan see the 

2023-2033 Comprehensive Plan page.

Planning & Zoning Applications are online. 

Click Online Services at the top of your screen.



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