Membership Pass Fees

Passes include the use of the gymnasium, fitness room, and walking track. Residents must show proof of residency (within the city limits of incorporated Riverdale). User fees are subject to change.

Type of Pass
Daily - Youth, Teen, or Senior
Daily - Adult
Daily - Fitness Class Drop-In
Weekly Facility Pass $5
One month general - Youth or Teen
One month general - Adult
One month general- Senior
One month general - Family*
$35 (two people)
Monthly premium pass**
8 week premium pass**
Semi-Annual Premium Pass**
Semi-Annual - Youth or Teen
Semi-Annual - Adult $110
Semi-Annual - Senior
Semi-Annual - Family*
$190 (two people)
Annual - Youth or Teen$160
Annual Premium Pass**
Annual - Adult
Annual - Senior
Annual - Family
$380 (two people)

* Up to eight additional family members may be added to a family pass for an additional $10 per person at the time of purchase.

**Premium passes include general membership amenities and the choice of classes for the session. (Classes exclude Yoga and Chair Yoga).