The Riverdale Fire Services Patch

Riverdale Fire ServicesThe official patch of the Riverdale Fire Services (RFS) is of great significance to its members. Representative of the organization and its culture, the Official Patch appears on the department uniform, workspaces, documents and is displayed ceremoniously within the department.


The font, patch shape, and colors, down to the type of brown on the ax handles were methodically and tediously thought out. It was important to have something detailed but with clean lines, rich colors. It is pleasing to the eyes and has a certain assertiveness in the attitude of the patch. This embodies the quality of character that we possess and the service that we provide.

Maltese Cross

This icon signifies the fire service.

The "RFS"

This shows that RFS stands between you and danger.

The American Flag

It was felt in some of the recent years the American Flag has not been embraced as it once was. We should be proud of our flag and showcase it.


This is the founding year of the department. Many have struggled and sacrificed to get the department to where it is today and this is our salute to them.

The Hydrant & the Star of Life

The hydrant represents the traditional thing we are known for, fire and the star of life represents the newest service we provide, emergency medical services. We are Riverdale Fire Services because we don't just respond to fires but a vast variety of requests for service.