Adopt-A-Spot is a volunteer program for groups that want to take pride and ownership in their own part of Riverdale. Picking up litter at your very own spot and make it beautiful! Adopters can choose from two options: litter-only agreements and regularly remove litter or litter control with options to support landscaping and facilities.

Benefits For Your Organization

  • Recognition
  • Adopt - A - Spot or Adopt - A - Road sing at your location
  • A cleaner community

How to Get Started

  • Select a location
  • Commit to a one year commitment
  • Complete Adopt -  A - Spot or Road application
  • Obtain supplies from KRB
  • Complete at least four cleanups per year

How KRB helps

  • Assures the location is available for adopting 
  • Provide supplies
  • Assist with removal of bulky items 

Get Started with the links below:

Adopt-A-Spot Application

Adopt-A-Spot List

KRB Adopt A Spot Flyer