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  1. City of Riverdale Food Vendor Application

    Vendors will be notified via email of their acceptance and of the approved vending days for events. The vending fee is due within two days of the notice of acceptance to hold your space. After approval, an invoice is generated and a Credit Card Authorization Form is sent to the applicant. Payment can be made in person or via phone with the credit card authorization form. The vendor permit will be issued via email along with load-in instructions once payment has been confirmed. Please keep the permit at your booth.

  2. Please list, in detail, each of the food items you will sell and include pricing – you can additionally attach a menu if you have one (we want to try to ensure we do not have too many duplicates). Beverages may be sold (and must be listed), but alcohol is prohibited. Items not listed (and approved by staff) may not be sold.

  3. For Food Trucks/Trailers Only
  4. Will you be using a generator?
  5. Is it a whisper quiet generator?
  6. What area of the truck is the generator located?
  7. Will you offer electronic payments?

    (Credit cards, Cash App, Venmo, and etc.)

  8. Do you have backdrop banners, display stands, etc.?
  9. Are you a:
  10. Will your truck be using:
  11. What area of the truck for the exhaust for the grill/smoker located?
  12. On which side is your serving window?
  13. For Food Tent Booths Only

    You will be given a 10'x20' booth space to set up. Tent vendors must provide adequate, non-slip, floor covering inside your booth to protect the area your booth space is set up on 

  14. Will you be using a generator?
  15. Is it a whisper quiet generator?
  16. What area of your tent is the generator located?
  17. What will your booth use?
  18. Please include pricing

  19. (for food trucks)

  20. Additional Event Policies and Procedures

    Please check each item below. The application will not be accepted if these areas are not checked. All references to "staff" or "the City" on this document shall be referring to the City of Riverdale. 

  21. 1.*

    All vendors are expected to be fully operational during the entire time of the event. Vendors shall be given a time for arrival on site (at least 2 hrs prior to the event, but up to 4 hrs prior to the event) for preparation / set-up. Failure to arrive on time, stay open during the entire allotted time or selling beyond the allotted time shall disqualify the vendor from participating in future events and potentially forfeit the Vendor’s vendor fees for the remainder of the event season.

  22. 2.*

    Vendors use professional looking displays/pricing boards (no cardboard signs) posted prominently and tastefully at their tent.

  23. 3.*

    Vendors will be pre-assigned a space by staff – your location is not “first come first served” on the day of the event. Vendors use of the vendor space is non-transferable. Vendor may not allow anyone else to use their vendor space.

  24. 4.*

    Vendors are responsible for set up, operation, and removal of all equipment at their location. Vendors will be responsible for the periodic removal of their own trash to the appropriately designated dumpster site during the event, as well as, the cleaning of their space at the close of each event.

  25. 5.*

    Vendors must provide trash & recycling receptacles for waste generated by their booth and by their patrons.

  26. 6.*

    Food Tent vendors must provide adequate, non-slip, floor covering in the booth to protect the area/ground/street underneath.

  27. 7.*

    The use of the name, logos or sale of items advertising the event requires prior written approval from staff.

  28. 8.*

    Vendors are expected to fully cooperate with personnel from the county and state departments. Vendor are responsible for obtaining and paying for any and all taxes that are required for its operation, including state sales tax. Vendors understand that they must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and event polices concerning their products, presentations and conduct at the event. Non-compliance will result in penalties. The City assumes no liability or responsibility.

  29. 9.*

    The City offers no guarantees or warranties of any kind. The event occurs rain or shine. No refunds or rain checks will be given. There will be no refunds if any unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, etc. result in the cancellation of the event.

  30. 10.*

    No amplified music is allowed within vendor space or the event site without written permission from staff.

  31. 11.*

    The sale of, or consumption of, alcoholic beverages by vendors, volunteers or employees of vendors is prohibited.

  32. 12.*

    All surplus inventory/merchandise must be stored in covered containers and not directly on the ground.

  33. 13.*

    Vendor agrees that the City may use photographic images taken at the show of merchandise and likeness in promotions and publications and that these images may be used online or provided to media outlets and/or used in social media applications including Facebook and the like. This includes the use of logos, photos and other marketing materials provided to the City.

  34. 14.*

    Vendors must have copies at the booth of all their pertinent licenses, permits, insurance and the like, readily available.

  35. 15.*

    The City reserves the right to make changes, amendments and additions to these rules at any time and all changes, amendments and additions so made shall be binding on the Vendor with the provision that all Vendors will be advised of any such changes. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by staff.

  36. I have read and understand all of the policies as expressed above, and I will comply with all policies, procedures and regulations set forth above and below in this application. 

  37. Vendor will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Downtown Development Authority, the Business and Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) and the City of Riverdale (hereinafter referred to as “the City”) and its agents, employees, officers and legal representatives for all claims, causes of action, liabilities, fines, and expenses (including without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and all other defense costs and interest) (collectively, the “Losses”) for injury, death, damage, or loss to persons or property sustained while the Vendor is participating in the event under this Agreement, including but not limited to (i) any injury, death, damage or loss to persons (including workmen) or property sustained while participating, (ii) any acts or omissions, and (iii) any breach of any representation, warranty, obligation or agreement of the Vendor contained in this Agreement, but in all cases only to the extent not caused by the negligent acts or omissions of the City.

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