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1. Where is The Amphitheater at the Riverdale Town Center located?
2. Where are the parking lots located and what is the cost?
3. How do I purchase tickets?
4. Does a child need a ticket?
5. What time do gates open?
6. How many people can sit at one table?
7. Are there handicap accessible seating?
8. What if I buy a ticket and can not attend or lose my ticket?
9. May I bring food and/or beverages?
10. Are there food and beverage vendors on-site?
11. What is allowed into the Amphitheater?
12. May I smoke in the venue?
13. Is drinking allowed outside the venue?
14. What time do concerts typically conclude?
15. What happens if it rains?
16. May I bring in a table or TV tray?
17. What happens if an event is cancelled or postponed?
18. How can I perform at one of the events held at The Amphitheater at the Riverdale Town Center?
19. How do I sign up to volunteer at the events at the Riverdale Town Center?